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These projects were large in scale and began with detailed designs on paper which were gradually refined until everyone was happy.    
Coral Reef Pool    
The coral reef is in a swimming pool in Gloucestershire and was painted and fired onto special vitrified tiles to make it waterproof and very durable. The reef itself is in the shallow end so the design can be clearly seen through the water while in the deep end a shoal of groupers swims towards the shallows. The octopus and shells were sunk into the blue mosaic around the steps inside the pool. A turtle pokes its head above the water lapping along the edge of the pool and a handful of tiny shrimps are scattered for children to find on steps in the shallow end.        
Tiled Poolside Mural    
This large poolside mural for a Quinta in Madeira was commissioned to display examples of the produce grown on the estate. Highlighted are oranges, sugarcane, grapes, bananas and papayas. The tiles are cut to the edge of the leaves and the composition echoes the views that can be enjoyed from parts of the estate.          

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