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Single Decors

Tiles to insert into a background of plain white or coloured tiles.

Funky fruit and veg are on standard 4" x 4" tiles and are 18 each. The background is a rich dark pewter and they are painted with thick bright glazes. These will add a splash of colour to stylish contemporary kitchens. Ideal in a background of pewter tiles or charcoal/black mosaic. There are more designs in this series. Ask for details. fig tile  mangetout tile   

These handmade embossed relief tiles are 15cm x 15cm and can be scattered or arranged in a block for extra impact. The lily shown here is made with oxide which gives a beautiful metallic finish. No longer available.      

Creepy crawlies are not everyone's idea of kitchen cool, but these brilliant beetles and bugs may be just the thing for a conservatory. They are painted on standard 15cm x 15 cm tiles and cost 18 each. There are more coming soon in this series. Ask for details.      

The silver sardines are on a handmade 11cmx11cm tile which has the shapes raised on the surface. It is finished in a white glaze with the fish motif detailed in platinum. Fun scattered around but spectacular massed around this sink. No longer available.    

Spot the difference with these playful coloured tiles. The spots are all embossed in these handmade tiles for a modern kitchen. 11cm x 11cm they are 19.50 each.    



Panels to install as a feature, usually behind a stove or a sink with no window. These panels can be painted on other tiles than the ones shown here. We also undertake commissions in which case an initial design fee will be charged. This usually works out at between £300 and £3,000 depending on the scale of the piece. Off the shelf designs are priced as follows:


Traditional style rooster and chickens with a delicate fern border. This panel will fit exactly behind a four oven Aga. Painted on 15cm tiles.
149cm x 90cm

Handsome red rooster with delicate fern border. He will brighten up any room. Painted on 15cm tiles.
45cm x 75cm,

This Indian Blue Cow panel is taken from a traditional story-teller's scroll, on hand made 13cm tiles.
52cm x 39cm,

This large shaped panel of a mosque in Persia with camels strolling in front is a shaped splashback for a kitchen sink with no window behind it. This is painted on 6 inch tiles.
138cm x 81cm,

An aloe growing in a terracotta pot reminds me of summers in Madeira. This is painted on 10cm tiles.
40cm x 50cm

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